Rating of the best sites for the sale of cars.

Rating of the best sites for the sale of cars.

It would seem so much easier

And we will evaluate the sites according to the following Modems-manual.pdf four criteria:

Popularity Convenience and functionality when submitting an advertisement Convenience and functionality when searching for an advertisement Availability of additional services.

And here’s what we got:

[Article updated in 2019]

1st place: AUTO.RU.


Note. It should be noted that in 2014 the AUTO.RU portal https://cdn-108.anonfiles.com/r6X8J3pfve/e5b322f1-1639040665/Dog%20Houses-manual.pdf joined the company


Submitting ads:

No registration required

Very convenient step-by-step ad submission

You can post an ad from a mobile phone by installing the corresponding auto.ru mobile application. Moreover, the possibilities there are almost the same as on the site itself.

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